Who am I?

My name is Terry Johanson, and I have been a teacher and professional development facilitator for almost 30 years in Saskatchewan. I have my Bachelor of Education from the U of S, with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics. I also earned my Masters in Curriculum Studies through the U of S, focusing on high quality professional learning through their M(ath) Ed Cohort. I am currently the owner and facilitator of a local educational consulting business, Johanson Consulting. My job has been to design and facilitate professional learning to school and system staffs across the province.

With COVID-19 spreading through our communities, workshops and other in-person gatherings are no longer safe. When thinking about what I might do to help caregivers and families, I thought that perhaps this blog might be one way to continue to support teaching and learning. I will continue my business website as well (https://johansonconsulting.ca/), where I post free professional learning resources. I truly believe that by caring for each other, we can make it through… this website and ongoing support of 6 Things a Day is my small contribution to our community. I hope you find it helpful.

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