6 Things a Day – 04/24/20

As you know, Earth Day was this last week. You will see that that inspired me to create a Lorax theme for today’s activities. They can be done together or separately, whatever interests you most! I love the Lorax book and had my classes do book studies all the way up to Grade 11 biology! With all of the changes in the world that we are experiencing, it seems like a good book to pull out for our kids.

If you are looking for other activities for the weekend, please check out my new index of activities for all 6 Things a Day posts from March and April.

Daily Summary – April 24, 2020

I am also featuring top blog click #6 from April 2.

Be a Lorax Helper

If you have Dr. Seuss’s book, The Lorax, this would be a great thing to read together before doing this activity. If you do not have this book, you can either sign it out from your local library OR view it online OR read the .pdf online. Another option is to watch the movie created based on the book. It was made in 2012 and has a great cast.

Once familiar with the story line of The Lorax, write about being a helper to the Lorax. How might you help the Lorax save the Truffula trees?

Creative With the Lorax

There are wonderful imaginary plants and creatures in the Lorax, including the Truffula trees. You can try to create a forest of Truffula Trees by following the directions on The Educators’ Spin On It Blog.

The Educators Spin on It

Save Energy Bingo

To go along with this theme of helping the environment, The Saskatchewan Environmental Society has created an at-home Save Energy! Bingo game. You can set your own timelines and then post and tag #SKEnvSociety on Instagram or Twitter when you have completed some of the activities.

SKUNK Math Game

SKUNK is a math game that can be played featuring addition or multiplication facts. It also has you play with probabilities. SKUNK was first developed in the NCTM’s 1994 edition of “Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School”. SKUNK can be played in small or large groups.

You need: Two dice and each player needs a game board. You can print the SKUNK Game Board or just make your own using paper and pen.

The goal of the game is to score the largest number of points. Game Play:

  • There are 5 rounds – one for each letter of SKUNK.
  • In a round, all players stand up. By standing up, they are ‘in that round’.
  • One player rolls the two dice.
  • If there is no ‘1’ rolled, the score can be either the sum of the two dice OR the product of the two dice – depending on the math you want to have students do.
  • If one ‘1’ is rolled, all players standing lose their points in that column. Play is over for that round. (If this happens on the first roll of a round, you can re-roll and start that round again.)
  • If two ‘1’s are rolled, all players standing lose all their points from all columns up to that point. Play is over for that round.
  • The round is over when all players are seated OR a ‘1’ has been rolled.
  • All standing players decide if they are going to stay standing. If they decide to rest, they sit down and they are not impacted by the rest of the dice rolls that round. Be sure to pause before the next roll.
  • Continue to play until all rounds are complete. Add the sum of all rounds to find the total score.

Learn to Red River Jig

I remember growing up in northern Manitoba and watching the jiggers every winter festival. I was horrible at it myself, but the dancers were fascinating! The Red River Jig originated in southern Manitoba and has a fascinating history. I would encourage you to do some research into its origins in the 1800’s.

Here is dancer Desmond Colombe giving a lesson, including the four different steps that he includes when he puts it all together.

Tour the Palace of Versailles

There are so many fascinating places that have created virtual tours. The Palace of Versailles was the French Royal residence outside of Paris. It was expanded to become a palace in 1682, and was integral in the French Revolution. You can now take a virtual tour of the Palace of Versailles and learn more about its fascinating history.

Top 10 (so far) Countdown

#6 Dav Pilkey at Home – I remember when my son was younger, he LOVED the Captain Underpants series. The tongue-in-cheek humour was right up his alley. The author has created a website, Dav Pilkey at Home, where he is creating new art and literacy activities each week. This week he is focusing on his book Dog Man. Check back each week for a new set of activities!

Remember that you can listen to books for free on Audible, or access online from your public library.

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