6 Things a Day – 04/23/20

Ouch, I did not complete a blog post yesterday. I do apologize. Something that I did get done, though, was a bit of an index of all of the posts over time. This will let you find ideas from other days without having to scroll forever. You can find it on my Johanson Consulting 6 Things a Day Page.

I have included 2 ideas from the “Top 10” countdown to keep me on track! The #1 most popular click on my blog will be shared NEXT Friday! Can’t wait!

Daily Summary – April 23, 2020

I am also featuring top blog clicks #8 from April 1 and #7 from March 24.

Foam Paint

Another way to let kids get creative is to use foam paint! This only uses three ingredients and looks like a ton of fun.

from DabblesandBabbles.com


  • Mix equal parts foaming shaving cream and white glue into a ziplock bag. Add food colouring.
  • Massage so that everything mixes evenly.
  • Use cardstock or lightweight cardboard (cereal boxes, heavy envelopes).
  • Snip off the corner of the ziplock and use it like you are decorating with icing.
  • You can either draw a shape and fill in, or use the paint to create from scratch.

Look for more ideas on the Dabbles and Babbles blog.

Multiplication Game

There are so many fun ways to practice multiplication facts. The multiplication game can be played by 2 people. All you need is to print off the rules and game sheet, find some paper clips and game tokens and you are all set.

Pond Dipping

This is the perfect season for pond dipping in Saskatchewan! Sloughs, puddles in the bottom of a ditch, standing water in your back yard all might have small critters hatching!

Before you go, you will need a dipping net, identification guide and some pans or containers to view what you catch.

  • You can often buy dipping nets at dollar stores or department stores, but you can also make them from materials at home. All you need is a piece of heavy wire (a wire coathanger works great) and a pair of pantyhose. You can see full directions on the Countryfile website.
  • Backwoods Mama has a wonderful and simple identification guide. If you print it off, I would highly recommend putting it into a plastic sleeve, as it might get wet!
From backwoodsmama.com

For full instructions and tips on making your pond dipping adventure a success, go to this Beginner’s Guide to Pond Dipping with Kids. While this blog features younger children, I have pond pond dipping with up to 17 year-olds and it has always been a hit!

Pen Pals for Seniors

Many of us have loved ones who are being kept safe in senior care homes across the province. My Grandma is 93 years young and lives in a senior’s apartment in Nipawin. While isolation is designed to keep my Grandma healthy, it is also hard for her to not be able to spend time with her family and friends.

Grandma and a few of her Grandkids

A wonderful activity is to write a note and send it to be read to seniors who are missing their loved ones. Some helpful hints that I have found from various social media and news items:

  • Contact a senior’s facility near you to find out who to send your message to. If you are unsure where they are, there is a handy list for Saskatchewan on The Careguide: A Source for Seniors. You can sort by type of care provided and find addresses and phone numbers.
  • Find out whether you should send a paper letter, or if the facility would prefer you to scan and email a letter or picture. They can then print it off and share it with residents.

Bitmoji Traveller

I was inspired by a Facebook post in the Teach with Tech FB Group. One of the comments led to a Google Drive with instructions for how to make the Emoji printout that you can use yourself or send to your loved ones. They can then make “Action Pics” of the two of you together! Here is my Bitmoji “Staying Alive”, lol!

Home Made Masks

Now that public health officers have recognized that home made masks can help to slow the spread of disease, there are many people making their own masks from common materials at home. There are many patterns and sites with descriptions for how to make them.

Here is Fabric Mask Site that includes patterns and instructions for various types.

Top 10 (so far) Countdown

#8 Juniper Green for Math Practice – One game for multiplication practice is Juniper Green. The game normally goes to 100 (10 x 10), but you can also play to 25 if only multiplication facts to 5 x 5 are being studied (grade 3).

#7 Home Safari with Cincinnati Zoo – There are many different zoos offering live safaris that you can go on from your home. I have found myself more than once watching the adventures of Fiona and Fibi, the Cincinnati Zoo’s hippos.

You can watch their live safari on their FB page or go to the Cincinnati Zoo website. The Zoo website even includes a hands-on activity for each episode.

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