6 Things a Day – 04/21/20

It is a good thing I am doing this blog, otherwise I would not have realized it is my sister’s birthday today, eep! I guess after I finish this up I should give her a call…

I have been asked a few times if I am OK with teachers sharing my blog on their Google Classrooms or lib guides. I am absolutely more than fine with that. have been enjoying curating and creating different activities, and am so happy to know that teachers, parents and caregivers are finding my blog posts helpful.

Daily Summary – April 21, 2020

I will be featuring the #9 top click originally posted on March 27!

Indigenous Art

Think Indigenous Online Ed has so many wonderful posts providing content about the arts, history, language, math… one posted by Amelia and Bob Badger from April 1st focused on Indigenous Contemporary and Fine Arts. Beautiful work and stories are shared in this video.

Contemporary Shawl Created by Bob Badger

I would encourage you to follow the Think Indigenous Facebook Page to find more!

Cooking with Math

Math is everywhere, particularly in the kitchen! How often do we think “I need to half this recipe” or “I need to double this recipe”? The Development and Research in Early Math Education (DREME) group at Stanford has created tips and recipes for families cooking with kids at home.

Talking about math while cooking together can increase the likelihood that children will talk and think about numbers on their own, without taking a lot of extra time for busy families. Here are some recipes and tips to engage families around math while cooking: 

Lyrid Meteor Shower

Tonight (April 21) and tomorrow night are the BEST times to watch the Lyrid Meteor Shower in Canada. We are also in a new moon and it is going to be a clear night, so viewing should be spectacular!

You can read about what to expect tonight on the Space.com blog. A helpful picture they shared is “Where to Look” when you view the sky.


My family and I have played the board game Scattegories for years. It is a great family game that gets us thinking about words! Now, Swellgarfo has created an online generator to create lists, give you a timer and determine the letter you are using! All you need are the rules, a list generator, paper and pencils or pens for everyone to play.

Active Fun and Games

A dad and his kids have created a YouTube channel called Kids Art and Craft where they post fun activities to do. They are good for a wide range of ages! The video below shows a number of different active games that you can try using simple household materials.

Menu and Grocery Planning

A few weeks ago, I had included an idea for writing a grocery list as a literacy activity in my April 8 post. Grocery management is a lot of thinking! Our family used to live in a small town outside of Saskatoon and I worked in a different small town, which meant that we only grocery shopped every few weeks. We got into the habit of planning meals and making our grocery list and grocery shopping over the weekend. Meal planning is a great family activity. I have created a Menu Planning Graphic Organizer to help your planning!

Top 10 (So Far) Countdown

#9 Online Fitness by Ashley. It is important that we all stay physically active. There are many organizations offering free fitness classes online. One example is a Saskatoon personal fitness trainer, Ashley Paulgaard. She has been posting guided personal fitness classes on her Facebook page. These would be great to guide you and your family through a workout at home.

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