6 Things a Day – 04/20/20

Oh it is good to be back thinking about teaching and learning at home. I do hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter break and that you have had time to go outside and enjoy the warmer weather (finally)! In the end, I decided to take the week and focus on some other projects that I have been working on. I hope that you find today’s post helpful!

Looking back, I am so excited by the number of people who are visiting this blog. To date, there have been 2180 visitors and 3790 page views since March 23. I think this means that people are finding the content helpful. Something that I am starting today is a recap of the top 10 downloads/clicks on my blog since we began this adventure. I figured it is never to early for a “Greatest Hits” section, lol! I will feature one past item at the end of each day, starting with #10! With this being a daily blog, I know that there are some ideas that happened weeks ago that people did not have a chance to see, so this is a way to get a peek at things that have been most popular.

Daily Summary – April 20, 2020

I will be featuring the #10 top click originally posted on March 25!

Museum Colouring Books

Many museums from around the globe are opening up their spaces virtually, which includes creating and posting colouring books of some of the most famous art on the planet. You can see and download these colouring books from 113 museums on the Colour Our Collections webpage.

Grapes of Math

I spotted this fun math practice activity posted by Math 4 Kids on FB. You can change up the challenges to fit your child’s math level. You can also have them complete the challenge as a race, or see how many grapes you get in all of the muffin tin spaces before you get a minimum of 1 in each. The rules are the fun part to make this into a game.

Bird Watching

The birds are back! It is fun to look outside our windows or discover what birds are in our neighbourhood when we go for a walk. Ducks Unlimited has created handy reference sheets about the birds that we might find when we look!

REBUS Puzzles

Rebus puzzles are a good mental challenge – what are the hidden messages within the puzzles? Try guessing these 4 puzzles:

You can print off a page of Rebus puzzles with an answer key or try to guess their meaning from a screen. You can also do a Google Search for Rebus Puzzles to find more!

Basketball Drills for Kids

It is that time of year when driveways are starting to dry up! Basketball drills are great exercise and fun, too. There are wonderful sites online that can give you different shooting, dribbling and passing drills including the Basketball for Coaches website. They have created a post with 27 free drills that you can try out.

Saskatoon Family Tik Tok

I apologize if you are not from Saskatoon, but this idea was too fun to not include here. Mayor Charlie Clark has issued a challenge for Saskatoon kids. You can see the details in the poster below.

Top 10 (So Far) Countdown

#10: Cree Prayer and Medicine Wheel Teachings. Think Indigenous has created a number of online lessons from educators across Saskatchewan. You can learn about the Cree Prayer and Medicine Wheel Teachings from Cheyenne Fineblanket. This is a wonderful series that you can find by following the Think Indigenous on Facebook.

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