6 Things a Day – 04/09/20

Happy Thursday that is kind of like Friday! Thanks to everyone who has responded to my question – should I still post my blog over the Easter Holiday?

There was actually feedback with even numbers on both sides, so I will do what I usually do and compromise, lol. I will continue to publish, but reduce the number of activities per day (I am thinking 1-2) and not publish on Good Friday or Monday, April 13. This will provide a ‘something’ for families and caregivers, but reduce my time and your time reading through activities. My husband is still working, so this will also give us time over the Easter Weekend and Monday to spend time together – I think I see a few puzzles, card games and darts in our future! I will be back to the full ‘6 things a day’ on April 20th.

Daily Summary – April 9, 2020

I am also including a great general site for resources for learning from home.

Learn to Play Spoons

I remember my Dad playing spoons at our family gatherings on my grandparent’s farm just outside of Choiceland, SK. I loved listening to him! Learn to play the spoons by watching Dave Ruch on YouTube. He does a great job teaching the basics of grip and rhythm.

Number Snake to Order Numbers

Another fun game from Michael Minas and his son, Nash. This game can be played by younger learners and emphasizes ordering numbers.

Moon Dough

There are so many different types of dough that we can make to entertain ourselves for hours. One is called “Moon Dough” and is made from

  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 1/2 cup hair conditioner
  • food colouring (optional)

Mix well and play! The consistency is between playdough and slime. Lots of fun!

Kenneth Oppel’s Silverwing

Kenneth Oppel has created many Read Alouds and posted on his YouTube Channel. His books are well-loved by upper elementary and middle years students (adults enjoy them, too!). You can download an ebook from your Saskatchewan public library to read along. Here is Kenneth reading Silverwing to get you started.

Yoga with Adrienne

A really popular yoga instructor online is Yoga with Adrienne. You can see many different levels and areas of focus on her YouTube channel. Last week, Adrienne posted a great ‘Yoga for Vulnerability’ that can help during our self-isolation.

Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli is a powerful Italian singer who is known across the world. He is performing a live “Music for Hope” concert on Easter Sunday in an empty church in Italy. It is set for 1:00 PM ET (which I think is 11:00 AM here in Saskatchewan). You can read more on aPost’s blog post. Here is a trailer for this event.

A Great General Site

I have subscribed to the We Are Teachers for a number of months. It has great posts that are written from experienced teachers – the best kind of teaching knowledge! We Are Teachers has created a summary of resources on their page “Top Resources for Learning at Home“.

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