6 Things a Day – 04/08/20

It is Wednesday and we have been learning from home for a week and a half. Pajamas, leggings and sweatpants are perfectly acceptable forms of school wear!

Because days are blending together, I had not realized until this morning that Friday is Good Friday and we are heading into “school break”… I am not sure what impact this will have on families and caregivers, if any? One question that I am wondering is whether people would like me to continue posting daily over the break? If you have an opinion, please let me know by either emailing Terry@johansonconsulting.ca or by using the contact form on my “Contact Terry” page.

Daily Summary – April 8, 2020

I am also including a site that has fun reading and writing ideas.

Recreate Famous Art

A fun challenge on Twitter by the Getty Museum has been to recreate famous art by using items from around your home. The Getty Museum has shared lots of examples on their twitter feed. I am inspired by File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council Education page, where students have been sending recreations of Allan Sapp’s paintings.

If you are going to try recreating art, it would be great if you posted them on FB or Twitter to give other families some inspiration! You can find examples of Allan Sapp‘s art, or see a list and samples of work for other Saskatchewan portrait artists for more ideas.

Rowco Math Game

Here is another fun math game that emphasizes greater than, less than and addition skills. It is a wonderful strategy game that can be played by kids OR adults or both!

Testing Friction

Here is an experiment that I used to do in Grade 3 science, but it is fun and informative for all ages. Have fun investigating!

Writing a Grocery List

Real life spelling, vocabulary and math happen every time we make a grocery list! Having children create the list and searching through online apps or grocery store flyers are a great way to understand consumer math.

Some ideas are:

  • Find the online or paper flyer for the store that you usually shop at. Go through the flyer and find out what your household needs or wants to buy for the next two weeks. Circle those together.
  • Create grocery categories for a list. These are the sections where you might find them in a store. For example: Dairy, Bread, Canned Goods, Cleaners…
  • Dictate the grocery list to your child. When you say an item, ask the child to tell you what category that food goes into. If they need help spelling the words, they can refer to the flyer or you can help them by saying or writing the word on another paper.
  • Talk about what other things you might need in your household that are not in the flyer. Add those to the list.
  • If you want to add some math into this activity, use another store’s online grocery app and find out how much savings you are gaining by buying items from your store flyer.

Medicine Walk

The weather is getting warmer, a perfect time to go for a spring medicine walk. You can learn more about this from Elder Walter Lavallee below:

Farm Food Virtual Tours

How cool that you can go on a virtual tour of a dairy farm, a poultry farm, grain farm… the Farm Food Virtual Tours website has so many different places you can explore. It would be fun to compare different types of farms when you have had a chance to view more than one. How are they they same? How are they different?

A Great General Site

A fun site that gives you ideas is Reading Rockets Fun Activities for Reading and Writing. It organizes activities by age band, which makes it easy to navigate.

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