6 Things a Day – 04/07/20

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I am so excited to see the sunshine this afternoon. It will help keep me warm when I am shoveling snow in a few minutes!

I am so excited about today’s activities – they took me a while to write up, as one of them is our family cookbook, and another is a series of lessons to learn about flight. I hope you enjoy them!

Daily Summary – April 7, 2020

I am also including a site that has helpful mental health resources for youth.

Tissue Paper Transfer Eggs

Another fun craft to celebrate Easter this weekend! This one is inspired by a Facebook Post from Mrs Yuzik’s Virtual Classroom. All you need is to cut tissue paper, wet an egg with a spray bottle or water and paint brush.

You can find full directions on the It’s Always Autumn blog for families.

Adding Money

Children have less and less experience with real money, so learning at home is a perfect opportunity for them to practice! This ideas is inspired by
Katherine Tomme Mazeika
‘s FB Post in the Visual Math Group.

With our not having pennies, there are a couple of ideas you can do in Canada:

  • Adjust the totals so that they are all divisible by $0.05.
  • Use totals that are not divisible by $0.05 and have kids use the rounding rules that we have for money to fill with coins.

Air Pressure Experiment

I had the chance to be one of the authors for the Pearson Saskatchewan Science series, and was responsible for the Flight Unit in Grade 6 Science. One of the activities that I developed uses pop cans and straws, and is pretty amazing! This experiment allows learners to explore the Bernoulli Effect.

If you want other aerodynamic and air pressure activities, you can download my teacher version of different experiment instructions and an Aerodynamic Log that you can use to record your discoveries. Each experiment uses materials that you might have at home.

Quarantine Cookbook

There are many sites that are encouraging some type of journaling through our Covid-19 experience. There are time capsules, journals and other activity pages. Our family has decided to create a Johanson Family Cookbook. In this cookbook, we are putting pictures and stories of our self-isolation adventures. I have uploaded our (unfinished!) family’s cookbook as a sample.

You can create your cookbook by typing or handwriting recipes that you are trying at home, draw, print or insert digital photos, and write out stories about your days together.

Fit with Chris

One of Wildwood School’s teachers has been creating great online workouts for kids. He explains the moves really well in his videos!

Age Appropriate Chores

A FB post from Maria Montessori encourages us to consider that children can be independent at any age. So what chores are appropriate at different ages? Here are some guidelines. You can make your chores list feel game-like, set the list up as a challenge or track your chores with stickers or some other tracker.

A Great General Site

Mental health is as important as physical health as we navigate school and work at home through our period of self-isolation. Jack.org has organized and created a resource hub for youth mental health.

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