6 Things a Day – 04/06/20

Wow! I am thinking that many of us will be using today’s snowfall as our physical activity for today! Spring might be the longest season of the year at this rate.

Have fun learning and exploring at home this week!

Daily Summary – April 6, 2020

I am also including a useful Facebook group that has been created to support families, kids and teachers.

Star Woman Lesson

I am so inspired by the Think Indigenous Online Lessons that are being created and posted on Facebook. I have highlighted a few over the last few weeks. I am inspired by today’s lesson by Pauline Auger, The Star Woman & Pakone Kiski (The Hole in the Sky) about the Pleidades Constellation.

Pauline’s lesson includes a reading and story by Wilfred Buck. If you scroll down the article, Relearning The Star Stories Of Indigenous Peoples, you can hear Wilfred Buck’s storytelling and see Ininew/Cree, Dakota/Lakota and Ojibwe Star Charts. Pauline also shared a link with directions to make a baby Star Blanket, as well as other ideas in her lesson video.

Missing Part Cards for X and  ÷

Missing part cards are a version of flash cards that can be used to practice multiplication facts. The difference is that they encourage flexible thinking and have learners connect fact families, which are related multiplication and division facts. An example of a fact family is:

Missing part cards allow you to practice fact families with a single card.

You can download and print Missing Part Cards for facts to 12 these either as a PDF or as a Word Document. Feel free to edit the word document if you would like to make them for addition and subtraction as well!

Tallest Tower

The tallest tower is something that I used to start my Physics 20 course with – the tallest tower ever built in my classes was 160 cm, wow!

The challenge is simple. With 1 piece of paper and 30 cm of scotch tape, how tall can you make a freestanding tower? What design is the best? Good luck!

Storytime Online

The Saskatoon Public Library has gone digital with their storytime! They have a new video every weekday, along with other Boredom Buster ideas. You can watch Mike and his entertaining songs and stories from April 4th.

Match the Lids

A great example of learning from home was posted on Facebook a few days ago. What a great example of a matching game! Thanks to Trudy Stoermer for her post!

Hands Together Art

I am inspired by this art project – I have seen a number of families who have created this project at home. It can serve as a memory of your time together at home.

A Great General Site

There are a number of Facebook groups and pages that have sprung up to help parents, families and kids as we support learning at home. This blog is one of them! A group that has really innovative and helpful suggestions is Mrs. Yuzik’s Virtual Classroom – Parent, Student and Teacher Resources. I would encourage a follow!

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