6 Things a Day – 04/03/20

We are through the second week of learning from home!

By now, many classroom teachers have reconnected to students – my teacher and parent friends on Facebook have been posting such sweet pictures of how much these connections have meant. Online tools are so helpful to help us maintain relationships.

Daily Summary – April 3, 2020

I am also including a general resource site from Pearson Canada.

Daily Performing Arts

The University of Regina Conservatory of Performing Arts has started a daily activity calendar for families and kids. Yesterday’s activity was a quick online quiz to find out “If you were a play, what play would you be?” and then a challenge to write and perform a play. You can check back for other activities every day Monday – Friday on the U of R Conservatory of Performing Arts Facebook Page.

Make a Measuring Tool

We hear in the news that we should keep a physical distance of 6′ from people who live outside of our homes. So how far is 6′?

Estimating measurements is a skill that we grow through practice. Some ways that we can do this are:

  • Use a tape measure to measure the length of your foot. How many feet would you need to make up 6 feet?
  • Measure 6 feet on the floor. How many normal steps would you take to move 6 feet?
  • Estimate a distance of 6 feet from a wall. Measure how far it is. How close are you? Keep practicing.
  • What is a tool that you can make that can measure 6 feet that is not a tape measure?

Plant an Herb Garden

Herb gardens are something that you can grow inside in a sunny window, and move outside once spring decides to stay in Saskatchewan. What are some helpful tips to growing herbs? The Home Depot has a simple guide to growing herbs to help you plan. Starting an herb garden now means that it is ready to use in your cooking and baking in the spring when you move it outside.

Touch Typing

Typing on a keyboard is a skill that gets better with time. I was fortunate to learn how to type in Grade 10 Typing (yes, we even used typewriters back then!) and this skill has been invaluable my whole life. You can learn and practice typing skills using an online site like Learn to Type.

Hogwarts Escape Room

In-person escape rooms are a bunch of fun! There are many different virtual ones that you can use logic to solve. One example of a free virtual escape room is the Hogwarts Escape Room made by the Peters Township Public Library. The Raising Edmonton Blog gave several tips to playing in this online escape room in a post on March 20:

Indigenous Storytelling

There are so many great lessons created by Think Indigenous and posted on their Online Indigenous K-8 Facebook page. One example is Chris Scribe’s Indigenous Storytelling lesson where he reads a story about his grandfather.

A Great General Site

Another act of generosity from Pearson Education. They have opened up all of their online texts and resources for teachers and parents to the end of the school year. You can see their list on Pearson Canada K-12 Resources at Home.

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