6 Things a Day – 04/02/20

Welcome to April 2, 2020 – the sun is shining here in Saskatchewan. I am so thankful to be self-isolating with my Mom this past week and a half in Nipawin. The opportunity to pause and spend time with her has been precious.

The skiff of snow outside my window means that my Mom and I will be out shoveling as soon as my blog is posted. Getting outside is a great way to freshen our perspective and get some physical movement!

Enjoy learning and spending time together!

Daily Lineup – April , 2020

I have also included a great general site created by Girl Guides of Canada.

Dav Pilkey at Home

I remember when my son was younger, he LOVED the Captain Underpants series. The tongue-in-cheek humour was right up his alley. The author has created a website, Dav Pilkey at Home, where he is creating new art and literacy activities each week. This week he is focusing on his book Dog Man. Check back each week for a new set of activities!

Remember that you can listen to books for free on Audible, or access online from your public library.

Knock off the Clock for Math Practice

The great thing about this game is that you can play alone or with someone, and it practices different math operations.

What’s Inside?

I remember my cousin, Brent, and I terrorizing our parents when we would get ahold of a screwdriver and take something apart. We learned so much! And in fact, Brent carried that “take apart things” into adulthood when he became and Engineer and learned to “put things back together”.

A multi-head screwdriver is a good tool to have when you are taking things apart. It is important that adults identify things that you are OK with being taken apart JUST in case they don’t go back together again (I think I remember my cousin and I forgetting this step). Some ideas might include:

  • a piece of technology that you no longer use – camera, VCR, TV. You never know what is in the storage room!
  • a small appliance that you want to replace – hand mixer, toaster, coffee pot
  • an electric toy that you have outgrown

Once something has been opened up, try to identify the parts that make it work. For many things, you can learn more about how they work by doing an internet search.

For example, if you take apart a coffee maker, “How Things Work Coffee Maker” will give you videos and descriptions of how a coffee maker works. I would recommend doing the search only after you have tried to figure it out yourself!

Reading Tips for Parents

As we are reading with our children at home, it is helpful to know some tips for supporting letter and word recognition. Reading Simplified has posted a great video for parents on Facebook called “How to Help Your Child Read Words“. They also have a free blog post that is helpful “5 Proven Ways for You to Support Your Child’s Reading“.

Animal Walk

This is something for the whole family to enjoy. What type of animal walk can you do? A CBC parent blog post from 2017 outlines different “animal walks” for children.

I can remember doing crab walks in phys ed as a teenager across the gym, so I am thinking this is something the whole family might want to participate in for some physical activity!

Coping Calendar

Another example of generosity around the world is Melbourne’s Emotional Growth Family Psychology Clinic post with calming strategies for each day. If you and your family find things that are particularly helpful, consider making them a part of your daily activities.

A Great General Site

I had the opportunity to be a Girl Guide leader for many years in Langham, Saskatchewan. I SO appreciate the programming available. Girl Guides of Canada have just launched a site for Guiding at Home. The activities are well organized by age and can be enjoyed by both girls and boys.

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