6 Things a Day – 03/31/20

Another edition of 6 Things a Day to provide supports to families, caregivers and teachers. I appreciate all of the positive feedback and messages by email (terry@johansonconsulting.ca) or on my facebook page (Johanson Consulting) Today’s active learning idea comes from Leanne Lariviere, and the Lego Challenge posted a few days ago was sent to me by Loretta Harpham. Many of the ideas I am posting come from the FB groups and my Twitter feed, where countless people are sharing.

My tweet this morning was

“My children accuse me of always seeking a silver lining. Loving the absolute generosity of my community and our teacher colleagues as we pull together when this virus is threatening to tear us apart. #choosetoseegood #addingtothesilver

Daily Lineup – March 31, 2020

I have also included a site with distance learning resources for young adults with different abilities.

Create a Photo Message

The Breakwater Project is a creation of a Saskatchewan family, who is attempting to encourage others. They are hoping to gather photos of inspirational messages from around the world and put them into a video.

An example from the Breakwater Project Page

You can participate by going to the Breakwater Project page and share your photo. They have great examples to see what others are doing.

Mass Challenge

OK, as a former science teacher I have a hard time using “weigh” when I mean mass… most normal non-science teacher people woudl call this a Weight Challenge! Mass is something that is hard for many to estimate. How much do things weigh? Are our guesses accurate? Using a kitchen or bathroom scale, you can explore your house and find out! Try to either:

  • Find objects that have a given weight (find something that is 1 kg)
  • Guess how much objects weigh, then weigh them to see if you are close

You can create your own investigation or use the Mass Challenge sheet.

Sock Study

Have you ever wondered what type of sock will keep your feet warm in the winter? All you need is four different socks, some jars and hot water to find out.

  • Put four socks around four jars, fill with hot water.
  • Clip the tops of the socks closed and put the jars outside on a cold day or in the freezer.
  • Feel the jars of water after about 10 minutes. If you have a thermometer, you can measure their temperatures.
  • What do you notice? What do you wonder about your socks?

You can either create your own investigation or use the Sock Study sheet.

SK “Good News” News

I was inspired by John Krasinski’s Some Good News (SGN) Broadcast on March 29th.

It made me think about what kids might do if they created their own SK Good News Newscast? All they need is some feel good stories from their home and neighbourhood, a smart phone or tablet to record video and some “News” props. If you have kids that try this, it would be wonderful to post to Facebook with the hashtag #SKGoodNews – I would be grateful if you tagged me so that I can watch some good news!

Read Aloud: The Sharing Circle

There have been many celebrities reading stories out loud, but we also have many examples closer to home. Yorkton’s Society for Involvement of Good Neighbours (SIGN) has started posting one read aloud on their Cultural Awareness Page every Monday. They are embracing cultural identities, encouraging language, sharing traditional knowledge and joining in community, in order to connect and grow together. 

This Monday’s story is “The Sharing Circle”, which includes teachings of respect and community. If you scroll down to the bottom of the Cultural Awareness page you can see the directions for how to make a talking stick to use during the story and when you would like to hold your own Sharing Circle.

The Sid Shuffle

Who doesn’t love Ice Age? Join Sid as he teahces us the Sid Shuffle. A great way to have fun and stay active!

A Great General Site

There are so many caring and generous teachers creating resources online for their students, and then sharing them for the world to benefit. One such website is created by Brittany McGeough. Her post Distance Learning for Young Adults with Different Abilities features sample schedules, strategies and sites .

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