6 Things a Day – 03/30/20

Today is Monday and many teachers across Saskatchewan will be reaching out to families and students to reconnect and begin creating a new version of teaching and learning. I am hoping that this blog will help to support caregivers, parents and teachers by providing a very short list (6 things!) every day, including fun and educational activities.

If you have specific ideas that you would like me to include, please email me at terry@johansonconsulting.ca. If you are a teacher and looking for specific teaching ideas related to literacy, mathematics, planning or assessment, feel free to go to my main consulting website: https://johansonconsulting.ca/ where I maintain a workshop blog for teaching resources.

Daily Lineup: March 30, 2020

I have also included a newly created Trello site that includes many different links for teaching and learning.

Augmented Reality Silent Movies

A super-cool feature of many smart phones is that they will allow you to bring 3D animal into your home! This is a new (at least to me!) feature of Google.

  • Search an animal in Google on your smart phone. (I tried this on my iPad and it did not work there, but works on my iPhone).
  • A summary of that animal will come up. When I searched “Wolf”, this is what that Google search gave me. One feature is “View in 3D”:
  • Once you have the 3D animal on your smart phone screen, create a silent movie with a person in the picture. You can record video by holding down the red ‘record’ button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Discuss: What is the story that you were trying to tell with your silent movie?

Greg Tang Math: Kakooma

Greg Tang is a children’s author who brings the joy of math to life through stories, puzzles and games. His website, GregTangMath.Com is free and has SO many fun things to do. One great math practice puzzle is Kakooma. You can play Kakooma online OR you can go the Resources page. You will be asked to subscribe to Greg’s website (it is free!) and then you can download Kakooma puzzles for different math skills and different levels of difficulty.

Kakooma are puzzles that use a WHOLE lot of mathematics in one puzzle. Try the sample below:

  • In each 4-number square, find the number that is the sum of 2 other numbers. For example, in the top square, 6 + 3 = 9. The 4 is ‘extra’. Write the number that is the sum. In the top square this would be 9.
  • Do this for all of the 4-number squares.
  • Use all of the 4 sums to create 1 final 4-number square puzzle and find the sum. This is the final answer.

Kakooma puzzles are available for addition, subtraction, fractions and much more.

Shadow Hand Puppets

This activity is great for science to show the effect of changing a light source on the characteristics of a shadow. I was inspired by Picklebum’s Facebook Post that shows hand shadow puppets. I remember making these as a kid, and used to have my Physics 20 create them when we were studying light.

You can see more detailed hand positioning on the Hand Shadow Puppetry Clipart Gallery.

  • Once you have practiced making different shadow puppets, what happens when you do the following?:
    • move the light source further away and closer to your hands.
    • move your hands closer to and further away from the wall.

Wonderhub Storyscape

StoryScapes is a program developed by Nutrien Wonderhub to engage children ages 3-12 years through a variety of storytelling methods. The intent of this program is to inspire children to look beyond the book when learning or telling stories. This LIVE Facebook Event is happening from 10:00 -12:00 on Monday, March 30.

If you miss this event live, you will be able to watch the video on the the Nutrien Wonderhub Virtual Programming page.

Sock Bean Bag Fun

There are so many active things you can do with bean bags. What do you do if you don’t have any? A perfect way to use up your unmatched or too-small socks is to make sock bean bags. All you need are some socks and rice/lentils/beans to fill them with. Complete directions can be found on the Be a Fun Mum website. Some bean bag fun ideas are:

  1. Target Practice: Set out boxes or baskets and assign them different point values. Keeping score is great math as kids toss bean bags into each container.
  2. X’s and O’s: Make a large X’s and O’s grid on the floor or concrete driveway with tape, yarn, sticks or draw the grid on cardboard. Play in pairs and mark which beanbags are X’s and which are O’s. Take turns tossing bean bags to try to make a line before your opponent does.
  3. Bean Bag Bowling: Fill small water or pop bottles about 1/3 full of water and seal each with a cap. Set them up like the pins in 5-Pin Bowling. Use the bean bags to try to topple the bottles over. Each player gets three tries to knock over all 5 pins each turn You can use this bowling score sheet, and learn how to score bowling using these instructions.

Indigenous Art and Language – Make a Parfleche

Think Indigenous Online Education has been creating and posting Facebook Live videos for the past two weeks. They range from art to language to science to mathematics. One video published on March 27 features TJ Warren sharing his knowledge of indigenous languages in Saskatchewan and different art forms created by First Nations peoples, including a parfleche.

After viewing, if you want to create a parfleche, you can find the instructions on the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts website. Note that their link to the template does not work but you can find the template here. It can be made of fabric, leather or brown paper and decorated with paint, markers or chalk.

A Great General Site

Another act of generosity in Saskatchewan is Kelly Christopherson’s Resources for Teachers Trello site. You can view it OR if you would like to contribute to this ever-growing list of links, apps and sites, go to the site and contact Kelly.

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