6 Things a Day – 03/27/20

The weather promises to be sunny through much of Saskatchewan today. Take the opportunity to use the sun to create shadow drawings and bounce balls to show how a Supernova works! My hope when selecting activities is to have a balance of online and offline activities, and to make sure that each one is both educational AND fun. Learning is awesome, enjoy!

Daily Lineup: March 27, 2020

I have also included a great general website from North East School Division.

Shadow Drawing

This idea is inspired by a Facebook post from Jamie Brown. To create shadow drawings, find a sunny place in your home and line up figurines so that their shadows fall onto white paper. Sketch the shadow, then colour and fill in your drawing.

War(ish) for Math Practice

Many of us played war as we were growing up. There are many different versions that can all practice different math skills. It is easy to change the rules depending on the age and math comfort of players.

Ball Supernova

There is so much cool science in every day things. I was inspired by this video from Physics Girl, as it shows the energy that particles have when a Supernova is formed. It is supposed to be beautiful weather over the next few days in Saskatchewan. Take 2 or 3 balls of different sizes and try this experiment at home! If you have a smart phone or tablet, record your ball drop. What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Audible Stories

There is so much generosity being shown by individuals as well as companies. One example is that Audible is providing open, free access to their collection of online stories. Their website states that they will continue to provide free access as long as schools are closed. You can browse their collection and listen to a story on the Audible Website.

Online Fitness

It is important that we all stay physically active. There are many organizations offering free fitness classes online. One example is a Saskatoon personal fitness trainer, Ashley Paulgaard. She has been posting guided personal fitness classes on her Facebook page. These would be great to guide you and your family through a workout at home.

Lego Challenge

Lego is something that all ages can enjoy together. The 30 day Lego Challenge can keep you busy and engaged for hours! You can find all 30 days on Christian George’s Facebook Post on the Teaching Guide for Primary Parents Groups. Created by Charlotte Michelle.

A Great General Site

The North East School Division has been curating teaching and learning resources for years, and has always made it open for others to use. The NESD Curriculum Corner site organizes resources by grade. When you click on a grade level, you will find subject tabs. Within each you will probably find the “Supporting Documents” and “Websites of Interests” to be the most helpful wen learning from home.

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