6 Things a Day – 03/25/20

Welcome to my post for tomorrow’s 6 Things a Day! The following is a short list of ideas to engage the children in your care. Ideas in this post span math, literacy, science, active learning, humanities and art. If you have any ideas that you would like to share, please email me at terry@johansonconsulting.ca or fill in the contact form on this site. Enjoy!

Daily Lineup: March 25, 2020

I have also included a wonderful general teaching and learning site from Edmonton Public Schools.

How to Doodle

Learn how to doodle with Mo Williams from the Kennedy Centre. Mo Williams started hosting a lunch doodle time on Youtube on Monday, March 16. This link takes you to his first post, and you can watch any of the videos on his playlist.

Yahtzee(ish) for Math Practice

Original Yahtzee is a great math game that can be played by anyone who can add and multiply numbers (about ages 8+). If you have run out of score cards, you can find cards to print online. There are many other versions as well:

  • Power Yahtzee – is similar to original yahtzee, but uses an extra dice called a power dice. Suitable for Ages 10+
    • This can be made using a regular dice and marking faces:
      • 1, 2, 3 – keep these numbers on the dice.
      • Double
      • Power
      • Freeze
    • You can download the game sheet Power Yahtzee and Rules to play a great math game that practices addition and multiplication of larger numbers.
  • Place Value Yahtzee – is great to practice building numbers with different values. Suitable for Ages 6+
    • You can find out the rules for this game by Brittany Field on Games 4 Gains.

Build a Bridge

How strong can you build a paper bridge?

  • Choose a place where you have two surfaces with a space in between them. This is where you can build your bridge.
  • Watch the first 1 min 30 seconds of the “Design and Build a Bridge” video. Don’t watch the whole video, as it is better to explore on your own first!
  • Some rules to consider:
    • you cannot tape the bridge to the surfaces.
    • you can cut, fold, and roll the paper.
  • Test your bridge! See how many items your bridge can hold. Try using lego blocks, pennies (nickels?), toy cars, or some other small items.
  • Try building a different design to see if you can hold more items on your bridge.
  • Finish watching the video. How different was your design than the one shown?

Puppet Theatre

I was inspired by a video showing Grover reading a book about Grover! This is something that kids would love to recreate. All you need is a smart phone or tablet to record your puppet theatre.

  • Watch Grover’s video to show children how fun puppet theatre can be.
  • Have children choose a book they would like to read and decide who will be each character.
  • If you have puppets, use those. You can also make sock or paper puppets depending on what materials you have on hand. You can find some inspiration from Handmade Charlotte’s “7 Super Fun DIY Sock Puppets“.
  • Set up your puppet theatre on a ‘stage’ and record it using a smart phone or tablet.

Table Top Curling

With no curling on TV, this is a great way for children to learn to play the game! Full directions can be found on CBC’s Cool Game for Kids post from 2018. You can find the clear contact paper at many stationary supply stores, including Dollarama.

Cree Prayer and Medicine Wheel Teachings

Think Indigenous has created a number of online lessons from educators across Saskatchewan. You can learn about the Cree Prayer and Medicine Wheel Teachings from Cheyenne Fineblanket. This is a wonderful series that you can find by following Think Indigenous on Facebook.

General Teaching and Learning Site

There are many school systems who are creating general supports for teaching and learning. One example is from the Edmonton Public Schools Activities for K-12.

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