6 Things a Day – 03/24/20

Welcome to 6 Things a Day! I have been curating and creating activities that are fun and engaging for the children in our care. My goal is to publish a short list of ideas for caregivers and parents as we transition kids from school to home. This blog is not meant to replace teacher instruction and school. Rather, this is a daily list of fun and educational activities that you might want to try. If you have any ideas that you have tried at home, please email me and I can add them to my daily list! Please contact me at terry@johansonconsulting.ca or use the “Contact” form on this website.

There have been so many generous teachers, parents and caregivers publishing lists and links. I am hoping to credit everyone for their ideas as I share. Take care, have fun learning and above all stay safe!

Daily Lineup: March 24, 2020

And the sixth thing today is a general website with teaching and learning resources compiled by the Saskatoon Public Schools Staff Development Team.

Window Painting

This idea comes from Bryanna Lemieux, whose daughter posted her window art as part of an Easter Egg Hunt 2020 With Social Distancing Facebook Group.


  • Mix washable paint, such as Sargent’s washable tempera, with a few drops of dawn dish soap and water to make it semi-transparent. Test on a corner of your window to make sure it wipes off!
  • Use painter’s tape to mask off the lines of your art creation.
  • Paint the window between the tape with different colours.
  • Either keep the tape on the window, or remove to create clear lines.

Card Game: Making 10

We adults often take our base 10 number system for granted! But for kids, it is a topic that they spend a LOT of time learning about in early grades in school. There are tons of fun card games you can play that actually FEEL like a game, so even if you know your number system you can be entertained. These games are ideal if you have kids of different ages, or want to play along. You can see more ideas for games and activities that practice base 10 concepts can be found on Whitney Shaddock’s blog, First Grade Roundup.


Go on a Home Safari

There are many different zoos offering live safaris that you can go on from your home. One of the best is on the Cincinnati Zoo website. You can watch an episode live OR you can click on their YouTube video afterwards. The Zoo website even includes a hands-on activity for each episode.

Write a Message in Braille

The history of Braille is fascinating. Did you know that it was invented by a young boy named Louise Braille? You can learn about its origins and then try to create a message in Braille using the Braille alphabet.


Yoga at Home

Watch Cosmic Kids Yoga to experience guided exercise you can do at home!

Learn Hand Washing

There is a video online that shows a person covering their hands with black paint. This has inspired me to think about a fun hand washing challenge to try at home.

  • If you don’t have finger paint on hand, you can try making some with cornstarch. There are many recipes online, similar to the one on Amy Geroux’s website.
  • Watch the video together.
  • Set a timer for 20 seconds and give each person a dollop of finger paint in the palm of their hand.
  • Everyone closes their eyes and tries to cover both hands with their dollop of finger paint in the 20 seconds provided.
  • Everyone open their eyes and compare how well they covered their hands with the finger paint.

This activity how much of their hands they would have covered with soap when washing their hands for 20 seconds. If needed, try it again to see if they cover more the next time!

General Teaching and Learning Site

There have been so many teachers and systems creating wonderful websites to support teaching and learning from our homes. I hope to feature one of these per day, and would like to start with the Home Learning Supports created by Saskatoon Public Schools Staff Development Team. It is organized by subject and grade, and curates a number of sites and resources.

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