The "6 Things a Day" Blog

This daily blog is my attempt to support caregivers, parents and teachers. As teaching and learning for children has moved to our homes to keep them safe, I had wondered what I might do to help. After decades of teaching and providing teacher workshops, I thought that “6 Things a Day” might be the thing that I can do to support all of you with children in your care.

I have seen hundreds of acts of generosity from my teacher colleagues – lists of activities, links and worksheets to support learning outside of school. The sheer volume of these lists can be overwhelming, even for me after decades of planning and teaching! My thought is to create a short list of “6 Things a Day” that can provide fun, interactive and educational things to do at home. This blog is not designed to replace teacher-developed programming. Instead, it is meant to be a short list of ideas that are a mixture of online and offline activities. I think about the pressure on caregivers who are trying to wade through those hundreds of lists. My goal is to do some of the wading so that you can spend more time playing and learning with the children in your care.

If you are a teacher and would like to continue your professional learning through our time of self-isolation and social distancing, please feel free to visit my business page. There you will find my workshop blog, where I have summarized the content from all of the workshops I have designed. There are topics ranging from math to literacy to classroom management. Please explore at